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Cunningham 2019

Cunningham 2019

CUNNINGHAM pursues Merces’ artistic discoveries through three decades of danger and discovery (1944-1972), from his early years as a post-war dancer in New York to his emergence as one of the world’s most visionary actors. 3D technology combines philosophy and stories of Mercy and creates a visceral journey into its creative work. An exciting explosion of dance, music and souvenirs you’ve never seen before, CUNNINGHAM is a timely gift to one of the world’s greatest contemporary dance artists.

Mercy Cunningham of the new generation and the latest generation of his dancer company have been wonderfully explored in Alla Kovgan’s 3D documentary, citing his historical works and archival records of Cunningham, John Cage and Robert Rauschenberg.
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User 2 | Even for those who know a little about dances, Merce Cunningham is a recognizable name – someone involved in his field. His mid-20th century collaborations with composer John Cage (his lifelong partner) and visual artist Robert Rauschenberg were the foundation of a revolutionary era. Cunningham opposed the avant-garde or other label. “I didn’t explain. I do,” he said immediately. Now with Cunningham, we have the opportunity to experience what he did. Director Alla Kovgan brings together the latest generation of Cunningham dancers (led by Merce Cunningham dancer director Jennifer Goggans) to deliver historical works from the Cunningham repertoire. The film covers three decades from 1942 to 1972, when Cunningham gained fame. Well documented in 3D, Cunningham brings us closer to these works than any previous audience. With an excellent approach to locations, the film puts players in a fascinating background like a tunnel, …