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Dolittle 2020

Dolittle 2020

The doctor discovers that he can talk to animals.
Stephen Gagan writers:
Stephen Gagan (screenwriter), Hugh Lofting (character set) | The doctor discovers that he can talk to animals.

After losing his wife seven years earlier, eccentric Dr. John Dolittle (Robert Downey, Jr.), a renowned doctor and veterinarian at Queen Victoria, stays behind the high walls of the Dolittle property, offering only exotic animals to breed. . But when a young queen (Jesse Buckley, dogrose) becomes ill, Dolit is reluctant to seek treatment for an epic adventure on a mythical island, gaining wit and courage in wheelchairs and discoverers. wonderful creatures.

The doctor joins him in his quest for a young student (Dunkirks Harry Collett) and a bunch of animal lovers, including an alarming gorilla (Oscar winner Rami Malek), a bird duck (Oscar winner, Octavia Spencer). Kumail Nanjan’s “Big Sick”) and the ghostly polar bear (John Cena the bumblebee) and humpback parrot (Oscar winner Emma Thompson) are the most trusted adviser and trustee of the Dolts.